In Manitoba, private schools only get 50% funding from the government. Although tuition helps close the financial gap, it is not nearly enough. We do little fundraising with our students and parents such as bingo and Spell-a-thon but we must do larger fundraising campaigns in order to complete larger projects. Our Lady of Victory has 3 large ongoing projects: New Playground, Gym Renovations, and Van for Athletics.

Van for Athletics


We are looking to raise funds to purchase or lease a 15 passenger van to transport boys and girls to sporting events then drive them home. Projected cost is about $10,000-$45,000 ($10,000 per year for leasing/purchasing or $45,000 for buying outright).

Our Lady of Victory is a unique school among all the Catholic schools in Winnipeg. Our demographics mainly consists of low income, new comers to Canada. We have the opportunity to reach out and help these families. Most of our families rely on city transit or the family vehicle is used for the person who is working (many family members have multiple jobs). Students don't have an opportunity to play on sports teams since no one is able to drive them to the games or home after. For many students, grade 6, 7, & 8 are the only years they will be playing on a competitive sports team. For 2016-17 school year, we rented a van throughout the year so we could build our athletics program and give students an opportunity they would not have otherwise. In 2016-17, we a won gold metal in badminton and took home the consolation final trophy. We have made great strides, please help us continue the good work we are doing. For more information or to donate today, please contact the office.

New Play Structure


We are looking to raise funds to build a new play structure to replace the current 20 year old one that is there now. Projected cost is about $130,000.

Our PAC (Parent Advisory Council) has been trying to raise money for years in the hopes of getting enough money to build a new play structure for the students. It was last renovated in 1997. After all these years, the paint is chipping away and the colour is fading. Our wood perimeter needs replacing as the wood is literally crumbling. Many parts are not accessible to the smaller children. Although we have tried to repair what we can, soon we won't be able to. The new play structure would be moved into a corner that allows for greater ease of access coming in and out of the playground. We would like your help in raising capital to get this project completed. For more information or to donate today, please contact the office.

Gym Renovation


We are looking to raise funds to renovate the existing change rooms and have a new gym floor put in. Projected cost is about $320,000.

We are a very fortunate school to have such a large gymnasium. In the past several years, Our Lady of Victory School has grown quite a bit and we now have a full-time gym teacher. There is little storage space and no room for an appropriate office for them. The change rooms, to say the least, need renovating and updating to accommodate the student population increase. We plan to be more efficient with the space we have. We will have a 2nd floor where the change rooms will now be; and below, we will have an office, large storage room and an all access bathroom. The floor has seen better days as there are pieces of the floor missing. We use duct tape in some places to keep students safe and to prevent further decay. It is hard to show school pride when other schools come and see our gym and how run down it is. We have great students and we want them to be happy and proud of where they go to school. For more information or to donate today, please contact the office.



In the year, the school will have a Spell-a-thon to help raise money for student activities. This would include technology, school supplies, books, etc.

How it works? Students set 2 goals; number of correctly spelled words and amount of money to raise. They will collect pledges from friends and family. It doesn't have to be much, $0.25 or $1.00. Students will study a word list and write a test after they have collected all their pledges (hopefully they were able to meet their goal). The test and pledge sheet will be given back and students can show their friends and family how well they did and thank them for pledging them.



Parents use to be able to volunteer to work at a Bingo, either on Club Regent Casino or McPhilip's Station Casino, however, Manitoba Liquor and Lotto's has discontinued the program. We are still receiving money from them for 2017. There is hope that a new program will be replacing that one so we can still fundraise.