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Lunch Program


Children need well-balanced meals for good physical, mental, emotional and social development. Indeed, good nutrition is critical to student achievement. The better nourished student will generally have better attendance, be more attentive and have more energy to cope with the challenges of the school day.

The goal of the Lunch Program, at Our Lady of Victory School, is to ensure that all our pupils have the opportunity of receiving high quality, nutritionally balanced, affordable meals, during each school day. The lunches contain a variety of foods and try to offer a balanced meal based on the Canadian Food Guide. Students do get exposure to Canadian cuisine that they would not have at home.

The program strives to provide meals that are consistent with dietary guidelines and current scientific nutritional recommendations. Monthly menus are planned to incorporate dietary guidelines, including; an increase in fibre and a reduction in fat, sugar and salt. We will use chicken products over beef or pork in many of our items to accommodate families dietary request. About half of the menu options are vegetarian meals. As a Catholic tradition of sacraficing on Fridays, Friday's items will always be meatless. Menus are planned at the school level to incorporate suggestions and preferences from parents. 

Through the program, students learn good nutrition habits that provide a basis for better health throughout their lives. The program is reinforced by the teaching staff in the class rooms and focuses on:

  • Eating for health meeting the dietary guidelines
  • Making food choices nutrition education
  • Maximizing resources getting the best value

Important Information

  • The Lunch Program only runs from October to June.
  • You must order 1 month in advance (ie. in September you would order for the entire month of October).
    • The lunch menu is available the first week of the month and goes offline by the end of the 3rd week.
  • Payment must be made by the end of the month or the order will be cancelled.
  • If you don't get an email confirmation then the order most likely didn't go through.
  • Any time an order is completed, the office will get an email of the order.
  • Late orders are not accepted as grocercy shopping and preparations for the month start at the end of each month.
  • Although not indicated, meals come with sides such as salad, vegetables (cold or hot), or fruit.


School Bus

Please be ready 5 minutes before your pick up time. If there is an issue with the bus service, please call First Student at 204-253-5942.

Buses will not run if the temperature is colder than -45oC with the windchill based on the weather at the Forks.


Dress appropriately for the weather when coming to school. Use the weather information below. We use the weather information from the Forks to make any weather related discisions.

Upcoming Events

  • Immunizations - Grade 6 & 8 boys and girls

  • Good Friday - No School

  • No School - Easter Monday

  • Bake Sale for Camp

  • Freezie Friday for Grad

  • Victoria Day