Our Lady of Victory School is a multiage school where we have student-centered classrooms rather than grade specific. Two grades are combined in which one teacher will teach them for two years. Although this may seem new, this was how the education system worked for centuries in North America and Europe. Research has shown us the benefits of this multiage, student-centered classroom. To paraphrase Jennifer Katz, a leader in Universal Design for Learning, 

It is ridiculous to think that a child born on December 31, at 11:59 pm, and a child born 2 minutes later on January 1, at 12:01 am, are put into different grades and are expected to perform at that grade level.


In the education system, research is always being done. New ideas and concepts continue to pop-up. Is multiage a fad, some new concept, or only meant for those who cannot learn in a typical single grade classroom? No. It's only now that we are being made aware of the growing diversity of students' ability and how a single grade classroom makes it tough to meet the needs of everyone. To read more about multiage, please visit our section dedicated to it located on the right. 

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